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Ryerson IT Program
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The IT Leadership Development Program has been developed through a unique collaboration between the faculty of the Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management, which offers the only curriculum in Canada that covers the business management of information, communication and technology, and THE CIO SUMMIT®, which for almost 20 years has been Canada’s leader in IT executive development. It comprises two five-day modules.

Module 1:
April 23 - 27, 2012
Module 2:
June 4 - 8, 2012
Craigg Ballance Program Director Craigg Ballance talks
about the IT Leadership Development

This is an innovative university-level program aimed at preparing today’s information technology managers for the challenges they will face as they reach the senior management level in their organizations. Participants will gain a better understanding of the role of the CIO, the business-critical manager who today must deal with the triad of information, business process and systems. They will also learn how to cope with the politics of being a member of the senior executive team, to act with agility in decision making, to identify the business drivers of IT support, to mitigate risk factors, to analyze key metrics for the return on investment and to understand the legal and contractual issues of outsourcing. Inspired by faculty members with years of industry experience, participants are encouraged to share best practices and develop executive strategies and ideas that will carry them into the future.

The course comprises two modules:

Focus on Strategy, Innovation and Leadership

  • Welcome and Program Objectives, Introductions and Background on Participants
  • Foundations for Success: Ten Things an IT/IS/IM Leader Simply Must Know
  • The New Business Architecture: Gaining Strategic Focus in Information Technology
  • Strategic Issues and Objective Setting in the Organization: Defining Roles and Establishing Expectations
  • Managing Change – Achieving Positive outcomes through Direct Action
  • Managing Expectations: Creating Exceptional Value through Metrics
  • The Transition from an IT Focus to the Executive Suite: Creating and Sustaining Successful Team Behaviour
  • Strategy as a Process: IT Leaders in Today’s Organizational Structure
  • Alignment Through Effective Project Management Practices: Secrets of Success
Module 2

Delivering on the Promise: Realistic Responses for Remarkable Results

  • The Technology Leadership Agenda
  • IT Procurement Transactions: Smoothing the Bumps in the Road
  • Developing Powerful Business Cases
  • Managing Up – Getting Buy-In and Beyond
  • IT Governance: Models and Methods for Effective Business and IT Structure
  • Building the CIO – Creative Construction
  • The Effective Leader – Making It All Make Sense
  • Final Exam

IT Leadership Development Program Details

The right step in your professional development
As an experienced IT business manager, you will gain the skills and knowledge that will prepare you for moving to the next level in your IT career. As you proceed through the program topics, each will build on the themes and concepts explored in the previous one, leading to a full understanding of the business challenges of IT executives. Graduates are eligible to become members of the CIO Association of Canada. CIPS members will receive an ISP recertification credit.

Invaluable networking
An important element of any learning experience is the people you meet along the journey. The nature of the cohort model of the IT Leadership Development Program, which has a limited enrolment, promotes a positive networking environment where you will form lasting business relationships with the CIOs of tomorrow.

Industry experts
THE CIO SUMMIT® is a recognized leader in IT executive development in Canada. Through its vast network, it is able to attract some of the most respected and experienced business leaders in the IT industry. These experts share best practices and provide insight into the critical issues facing CIOs today and tomorrow.

Academic reputation
The program was developed though a unique collaboration with the faculty of the Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management, which is renowned for offering the only curriculum in Canada that solidly covers the business management of information, communication and technology (ICT), making its alumni leading contributors to Canada’s ICT economy. The IT Leadership Development Program draws on the faculty's expertise and experience to complement its curriculum.

Learning format
The program’s unique approach to senior-level IT education pairs a leading academic in the field with an experienced practitioner to ensure that you gain insight into both theory and practice, all the while with an eye toward your future role as CIO.

For additional information or to register, contact Barry Clavir, Executive Director, at 416-573-0713 or

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